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Project Management

Our Application Engineering team offers a range of project management services and guidance to the installing electricians. This includes organized end-to-end  project planning, scheduling and tracking, network integration coordination, operational control planning, onsite project kick-off and installer training, as well as periodic onsite programming and quality checks during installation.   

Onsite Services and Support

Once installed, our Application Engineer assists with system start-up and configuration, including fixture programming and user training. Bringing a wealth of system knowledge and best practices, the AE assists with fine-tuning lighting behavior settings and minor adjustments to system layout to ensure complete system optimization.   

Project Design 

Our Engineers and Technicians work with you to determine your needs as well as any technical requirements for your new lighting system. This process includes mapping out internal structures and ceiling heights, identifying existing circuits, calculating light levels, and reviewing specifications to meet your desired goals.



Reliable Energy Alternatives provides energy efficient products and services to the commercial, industrial, retail, municipal, and institutional markets. Both Public and Private customers are educated and informed  about common sense strategies and methods that we can implement into their facility structures to improve productivity, provide efficiency and lower their overall operating costs. Advanced technologies have facilitated connectivity and seamless continuity among systems within a single facility or several facilities operating under the same network.    LED lighting and solar applications with wireless automation are the main catalyst that we use to effect these desired changes. Environments are drastically enhanced and  healthier environments are created with more precise illumination and safety measures. The Internet of Things (Iot) technology has made it possible to rely on pre-commissioned staging for facility operations. Our thorough infrastructure auditing process followed by recommendations that are designed based on specific goals and objectives, bring to fruition the functional results desired. Our manufacturing partners design state of the art products with some of the best warranties in the industry to seamlessly convert a building’s operations process into a high tech intelligent model.        




Reliable Energy Alternatives

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